• Can I use a rug? Tables, no. Bar carts, yes The rugs are limited to no more than 6” larger than your bar cart.
  • Can I use my own table?  Yes, you can use your own table but it must be an appropriately sized 8-seat table. If you are not providing your own table, one will be provided for you. Either 60” round or 84” rectangular.
  • Can I incorporate a chandelier?  Table, yes. A chandelier or other hanging lights will be the only thing that you can hang over your table, and it must be at least 6’ AFF.  All lighting must be installed by Jamestown electricians on Monday September 30thduring specified hours. You are responsible to pay Jamestown for the installation cost.
  • What about chairs? Standard rental chairs will be provided (black, brown or white). You are welcome to provide your own chairs if you prefer.
  • Can I hang artwork, are there walls available for some tables? Absolutely nothing can be hung from the walls or the columns. Bar carts may provide a self-standing backdrop (no folding screens) that is no more than 6” wider than your bar cart.
  • Candles?    No real candles – obviously!
  • Will the china used on the tabletop be used for the dinner?  No, you are responsible to remove and store all your china, glassware and flatware prior to dinner. Volunteers will be able to assist you with this.  
  • Can I photograph my table or bar cart? You are welcome to have your table or bar cart photographed. The room will be open on Wednesday and Thursday during specific hours for you or your photographer.


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