• Can I use a rug?  For bar carts, yes.  Tables, no.
  • Can I use my own table? Yes you can use your own table, but it must be within the acceptable realm of what one would call an 8-seater, otherwise a round or rectangular table will be provided.
  • Can I incorporate a chandelier? Yes you can have a chandelier above your table, you will have to work with the HH2Dinner Committee to figure out placement of your table and you will have to pay for their electrical to install and dismantle at the end.
  • What about chairs? Standard rental chairs will be provided along with the table.  However, you can use your own chairs, or ones that have been donated/lent to you from one of your favorite manufacturers.
  • Can I hang artwork, are there walls available for some tables? You cannot “hang” art, however, if you can prop or attach to your bar cart, then yes, let your creativity soar. You can also consult any of last year’s bar cart designers for help with this.  Unfortunately, for table designers, the floor plan doesn’t allow for any usable wall space.
  • Candles? No real candles – obviously!
  • Will the china used on the tabletop be used for the dinner? No, the plan is to have those items removed (by the design crew or others?) and packed away and use the caterers flatware, glassware and plates for dining.
  • Do we provide the bar cart or will one be provided? If you decide to do a bar cart, you are responsible for providing a bar cart and the design of it. Or you can get a Sponsor to donate one and you design it in partnership.  You will have the option to include your bar cart in our silent auction with the starting bid at the cost you’d like to recoup, OR you or your vendor can donate the entire cart and it’s contents!
  • Where is the dinner event being held? The whole event will take place in the ground floor space off of Dry Dock, this is where the tables will be set up.
  • Can Sponsors ask anyone to be a Designer? Sponsors should be working with those designers that have submitted proposals.

Please reach out to the following Product Sponsors, who have limited items to loan or donate for the event.

  • Cowtan & Tout – (617) 951-6500
  • Kravet – (617) 338-4615
  • Lindsey Adelman –  Boston Design Center, 617-618-6640
  • Schumacher – (617) 482-9165

We hope this list helps!

Please check the website frequently as we will be updating the FAQ’s as they come in. Your questions will be addressed on a case-by-case basis, if and when the situation arises.